Oh Do I wish I was at Coachella

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As it always Coachella weekend means celebrities have come out in force, I however don’t really see what all the big fuss is about (might be because I would only actually see 5 or so bands from the line-up). You can’t deny the eclectic variety Coachella boasts and that is just it the whole idea of Coachella is that its supposed to be “indie” but you know “indie” is mainstream now to sooo don’t know where that’s quite going. Now I hope you don’t misunderstand I am a massive fan of festivals, but part me of me believes   Coachella won’t live up to the hype once I save up enough money to go (besides i’m british and festivals = mud).

The Guardian brings up some interesting points over the differences of Coachella to typical English Festivals and I am not talking about the insanely limited risk of rain.

No BOOZE; it’s not strictly t-total but they have designated areas for in which to drink. I personally don’t think it would bother me that much as I didn’t drink all that much when I went to Reading especially after my friend woke up in her own vomit one morning. It was not nice. Just take some cans of Monster or Rockstar instead …

No CLOTHES; well you do have to wear clothes I mean it’s not a nudist camp but females seem to wear limited clothing during the weekend. Swimwear is one of the wardrobe staples at Coachella, that and teeny tiny shorts.

No RUNNING AROUND; I’m not saying that you are not allowed to run, but the stages are close together so there is a limited chance you will ever miss the bands you want to see however sound bleed is a risk.

Not JUST MUSIC, THEY HAVE ART TOO; it may not be to the level of Titian, Sir Joshua Reynolds or Jackson Pollock but it does aim to entertain and this year they had a gigantic snail that leaves a trail of foam bubbles and unless you are scared of snails then that is quite amusing to see. If you want famous art go to the Tate.

Coachella OutfitThis is a simple outfit I would wear if i went to Coachella, a lace crop top, vintage Levi’s shorts, a pair of vans and a pink floral headband. If you are bit more rock n roll then swap the lace top for a cropped band tee, and a bikini top underneath never fails to meet criteria. If you are uncomfortable in shorts then wear a maxi skirt or dress for that boho/ hippie look, and pair with a pair of sandals.

DONT: Do a Vanessa Hudgens and wear a white two piece set that looks like PJs (you have to hand it to her for being herself though)

DO: Look to people  like  Alessandra Ambrosio, the girls from PLL and Alexa Chung who pull of the hippie look a little more subtly.

DON’T: Be Afraid, Coachella is all about the individual be yourself

DO: Go to a music festival, be it in Britain, America or Ibiza festivals are a blast and I totally recommend going. Even if it is only a 1 day festival like Slam Dunk which I am going to this year.

P.S I will post once I have been to Slam Dunk and review … I am totally excited as some of my favourite bands will be there.


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