Trends I don’t Get …

I like to take pride in my apperance, I don’t really shop for the lastest trends but sometimes I do get things that are in fashion (like the Topshop GEEK t-shirts; don’t judge me they are really comfy). I prefer to dress in clothes that suit me and my shape rather that what is in fashion this week. However there are some trends that truly baffle me and make me wonder why anyone would actually wear/do these trends.

1. Velvet and Caviar Nails

Caviar as a  names for nails is in it’s self entirely off putting but no it does not deter the fashion forward of the bunch. I really do not understand as why you would want to do this and it must chip off so easily. As I haven’t actually tried it I can’t say that it does but it looks horrid. In black it truly does look like caviar (shudder). The velvet one doesn’t look like velvet at all and looks like kid’s felt instead (in white it looks as though you dipped your nails in desiccated coconut)




I have a love/hate relationship with UGGS, I don’t understand why anyone would physically want to wear them during the day as a fashion statment. Now, personally as I refuse to pay that much money for someothing that will get trashed as soon as I walk outside into the stormy British weather I own the cheap £4 ones from Primark. I wear these when I have to go outside quickly to pick up take out or something, or the corner shop. Never to university and never in front of my boyfriend who thinks they are and I quote ‘the stupidest thing ever, they make girls have super wide feet’. Bless him. He has a point though they are not supportive in any way and kind of collapse on themselves after a little while. Don’t even get me started on UGGS for men.

Source: The Guardian

3. The Harem Pant

If your a belly dancer then I guess that is okay, but to wear them outside the house is just plain wrong. I mean the crutch comes to the knees and they are just so ….! There are no words, even MC Hammer couldn’t pull that look off. The tapered ones are only slightly acceptable (I used to wear them to the gym, as they are looser than yoga pants), but they don’t flatter anyone. You look live you have huge hips and bum and that doesn’t suit anyone.


4. Heeless High Heels.

Lady Gaga and her ecentric ways can get away with this the commuter in London can not, I was personally taken aback at a woman wearing a pair of these to the office with a suit. WHY?  They look so uncomfortable and painful. This is a really good source for loads of info about them I just think they look a bit silly.


5. Half shaved heads

This is a trend that isn’t for those who change their minds easily. (I am one of those people). I’ve only just ombred my hair and am already putting crazy colours in it. (I would reccomed crazy colour semi permenant and last for a couple of weeks). I think that women with darker skin pull this look of better than those with pale skin. Cassie and Alice Devall for example totally rocks this look, however it can go to far, Keisha Cole had hearts in her shaved bit and Mel B totally shaved it all off (there’s a fine line between shaving it off and going egg bald).


6. Meggings.

NO … I mean women wearing leggings as trousers is bad enough (i fully support leggings under a top that covers your bum) but this is just…! Men in super skinnies are at the border of acceptability  however if my boyfriend wore a pair of these I would burn them while he sleeps has a beautiful account of his meggings. They don’t really flatter anybody do they …


7. Lensless Glasses.

As I wear glasses I fins this one semi insulting, as i have to have big frames so it is easier for me to see out of  them,(they aren’t Tommy Hilfiger. Just Specsavers).


A lot of people ask me if they are lensless but if you try them on you realise that I’m actually half blind. I think that if you are going to a a school disco at uni (i have been too one to many) then they’re acceptable any other time No. I mean it isn’t hipster if everyone is doing it, its not even ironic.


8. Formal Pyjama’s.

I am personally a fan of wearing my pyjamas in the bedroom, but everyone to their own right. I think they just look so unprofessional as suits, some can get away with it, barely such as Elisa Sednaoui. Other’s just look like they forgot to put on clothes

9. Over the forehead head bands.

What is up with this, I mean they push your hair up at the back and fall of 50% of the day and your forever fiddling. I don’t think they were designed for this purpose. I’m just undecided on this look.


10. The onesie

I am wholeheartedly on the fence about this trend. I am short, (only just over 5ft2) and it is really hard for me to find anyhting that isnt to long in the leg, but even just looking at a onesie makes me think you need to be a giant. I think the silly childish ones women can get (make me want to die) should never be worn  but at work we have this Iris and Edie onesie that looks soooooo comfortable and makes me want to see what all the fuss is about.


If there are any trends you don’t undertand let me know by leaving a comment 😉

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