New Nail Varnish …

So I just got this new nail varnish and I wanted to try it out, It was this Collection (formerly Collection 2000)


nails2          nails4

It is a coral colour and works super well if you want to try the neon trend but not go crazy. It is in number 43 which is called Fruit Salad. The RRP price is £1.99 however I got it for a £1 in Asda (I think it is on offer). I painted on three coats of this colour and 1 coat of this, which is Maybelline Super Stay General Colour in 25 Crystal Clear which RRP at £4.09 at Superdrug.


After that I cleared up any excess with a pointed q-tip or cotton bud. These I also got in Superdrug for £1.39 and they are called Cosmetic Buds. I used Cutex, acetone free nail polish remover as well which retails at £1.60. So I dipped the cotton bud in the nail varnish and tidied up the edges. If you have an unsteady hand then, run a bowl of hot water and soap up your hands let them rest in the water and you’ll be able to scratch the nail varnish off. Or do the washing up or do your nails before a shower to get the same effect.

I also get really dry hands so I apply hand cream after painting my nails as they get really dry. I am currently using nspa hand cream which is exclusive to ASDA, and costs £1.95.


It smells amazing and doesnt leave your hands greasy which I find with other brands such as Nivea. I also really want to try the Maybelline Colour Show nail varnish which RRP at £3.99. I bought this colour 245 in Latte, it’s a really nice nude colour that i am going to try out for my cousins wedding.


If there is you want to know anything about any of the products I spoke about here comment me, or if there is something you think I should try let me know 🙂

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