Last summer I went on holiday to the sunny Baleric Island of Menorca. I stayed in a small seaside town about 10minutes out of Cuitadella by taxi or 20 minutes out by bus which cost about 2€, the bus was prompt and air-conditioned so it was a lovely ride. It is such a beautiful place, and for someone who loves old architecture it is perfect there are two main attractions the cathedral and the Port. These are both beautiful places, the Cathedral especially it is a simply beautiful. In the sun the Port is amazing too, there a are a lot of rickety bridges so you have to be a little bit careful.

IMG_0317                IMG_0434

There isn’t a major shopping district like there is in Mahon, but there are some of the cutest little boutiques and jewellery stores that sell reasonably price bits and bobs. I got the most amazing amber trinket box for €5, a vintage metal bookmark for €1.50 and a traditional turquoise bracelet for €6 or €8 I think. I also got a amazing vintage crop shirt that is a navy blue with pink roses all over it with a knot at the bottom for €13-15.  When I go on holiday I look for little trinket like thinks that I can not get back in the UK and this is definitely one of the places to do it. There are a few commercial spanish stores and perfumeries but the prices are not that lower than the UK, if you are going get your perfume at the airport it will be a lot cheaper.


There are a large number of very lovely looking restaurants down the Port and bars and restaurants in the town center as well. That serve amazing food, it can be a little expensive but tastes amazing. It is easy to stay in the main town and port but there is a whole city to explore especially the backstreets it can be a little confusing but there are a number of maps dotted around so you can find your way around. This is where the architecutre is at its best many of the buildings were built in an italian style and are strangely alluring for any art love, or photographer

IMG_0356           IMG_0365

Overall it was an amazing holiday and if you do go to Menorca I would recommend Cuitadella for a day trip, even for families there is loads to do and see.

Lets face it with a sunset like this it is a pretty amazing place …


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