Tea …

I am a massive fan of tea, I do like coffee but usually only get it in Starbucks or if its ground coffee, I am not an instant fan. I drink a lot of tea, most of that is down to being a student as since I have been at university my tea intake has dramatically increased. I usually drink a black tea, however I do drink a variety of green and fruit teas.


There are a number of benefits linked with drinking tea ….

There is less caffeine in tea that coffee. (I drink energy drinks so that probably doesn’t help me all that much).

Tea contains antioxidants that protect your body (always a plus).

Unsweetened tea can also protect your teeth (I don’t have sugar or sweetener in my tea, I don’t understand how people can put four teaspoons of sugar in tea).

It can help boots your immune system, as someone with a weak immune system i’ll take all the help I can get.

Keeps you hydrated as long as you don’t drink 5 0r 6 cups all at the same time it helps towards your fluid intake.

Calorie Free, if you don’t have sugar or milk in it, but if you do its not crazy full of calories.


There is something about tea that makes you feel better when you are sad, its like a big warm hug from your significant other. Its the best thing to come home to after you have had a long day at work, especially in the middle of winter. When someone is sad, giving them a cup of tea can make them smile. So whether you drink it out of a tea cup or giant mug, with five sugars or none it has the power to make the world seem a little better.

Couple Drinking Tea



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