What’s in My Handbag

As a woman I have a large handbag, I know everyone has this bag from Zara but it is well worth the money. I have it in black as it goes with anything I want to wear. Its 79.99, but it is leather and if you take care of it then it will last.

Source: zara.com

I have my mobile, obviously its usually surgically attached to my hand. I have a Samsung Galaxy II, its actually a really good phone. My Phone case is a  Cath Kidston and I think it was £3.99 from amazon.


The second thing I always carry in my handbag in my headphones, I use them all the time so I don’t see the point in paying an insane amount for headphones. I have these Gummy ones, in pink (they come in a variety of colours) and cost me £4.99 from ASDA.


I also always carry around my notebook, its kind of like a journal and is always handy to write information in as I always forget my diary. This is a paperchase one and cost £2.50


I am a big fan of  lipstick and when I use one I never remember to take it out so I kind of acumulate a number in the bottom of my handbag the same with pens.  The lipsticks shown are an Avon, Extra Lasting Lipstick in eternal flame at £7.00. Natural Collection in  Cranberry and I think that was £1.99. A Topshop Lipstick in Innoence at £6.00 and a Lip Crayon in Powder Room at £7.00

IMG_1118              IMG_1090

I also get really dry hands, as I think I have mentioned before so I always carry around hand cream. I have this boots own hand cream and it only cost £1.32


Tissues are something I always seem to need when I am out so I always put a small pack in my handbag. I always shove a couple of hair pins in one of the pockets of my bag just in case I need an extra one or want to pin my fringe back.


Keys …




Sunglasses, even if the weather isn’t hot, if the sun is out I put on my sunnies. I have a pair of Ray Ban Wayfers that cost roughly £125.


And in the bottom of my bag a variety of vouchers and notes …


Comment or Like, Tell me what you have in your bag, or if you think women carry to much tat.


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