Travel Essentails …

I love to travel, and as I am leaving university in a couple of weeks I plan on doing a little bit more travelling. When I travel there are a variety of things I always take with me in my hand luggage. I live in Britain so I like to travel to hot countries. I always wear loose fitting clothes, such as leggings and a baggy t-shirt, that will cover my bum. Comfortable shoes are a must on a flight, I am a massive fan of TOMS they are very comfortable. This is kind of a go to outfit for me, I will probably pack a pair of denim shorts and a bikini in my bag as well, and change, either at the airport or on the plane. If you want to make a statement when you get off the plane then pop a statement necklace in your bag like this one from Forever 21, you can wear it at night as well.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 19.24.46

Source: Forever 21

Hand Cream/Moisturiser …

Air conditioning on the plane always dries out my skin and I have dry skin anyway so I always carry a little tube of hand cream and moisturiser. Something like Neutrogena is always a good way to go if you have a hand cream that you can not get in a smaller bottle, get a pack of travel bottles. You can get them from Primark for a £1 and pop a little of your favourite in a pot and place the larger one in your suitcase tolietires.

Source: Superdrug

Hand Sanitizer or Wipes…

I am a big fan of hand sanitizer and if you are in a plane for a long period of time, you may feel the need to freshen up quickly. If you are on a long haul flight and want to cleanse your face these carex wipes are for hands, face and body and are really handy and only £1 for 15 which is plenty out and in bound.

Source: Superdrug

A book and or magazines …

I am a massive reader and long haul flights can be really boring so a book is a really good way of keeping your entertained. I am going to take John Green A Fault in our Stars this year. I also love Kerrang! or Rock Sound magazine so I will have one of those on me as well.

Source: Waterstones and Kerrang!

Music …

I don’t have an ipod (although I probably should have one) so I listen to it on my phone. Music is the perfect thing for me as it allows me to tune everyone out. Charge it before you leave home and carry your chargers with you and keep it charged if you can plug it in the airport.


iPad or Laptop …

If you are on a business trip then a laptop is probably essentail. If not an iPad is a great idea to bring along. This is great as you can download a load of games in adavnce and will have an abundance of stuff to do and if there is in flight wi-fi you can tweet as well.


A Hair brush and ties …

Hair can get messy on a flight, especially if you are using the person next to you as a pillow. If you tie it up, it can make you feel much better. Fold away hairbrushes are an amazing inventions and definitely perfect for travelling as they take up like no room.


A Camera ….

My canon is my baby. I love to take pictures and my BFF is a photographer. Take your camera in your hand luggage. It will be safer especially if it cost a pretty penny. Also if you are going on a holiday with your friends you will proably want to take pics on the plane as well.


A Shawl …

They may sound like something worn by little old ladies, but they have recently come back into fashion. This one from Holliser is perfect for a younger person, they make great blankets especially when your other half starts to complain its cold.


Lip Balm …

Lips dry out so quickly with air conditoning so having a little pot handy is one of those things that every girl should have (my boyfriend even steals mine, he won’t admit it)

Source: carmex

Sunglasses …

You’re going to need them as soon as you get of the plane anyway so having them in your hand luggage is ideal. Besides they hide those tired jet lagged eyes. Invest in a good pair, I have a pair of Ray Ban Wayafer’s. They may cost a bit but they are worth the investment.


Your Passport !!!!!

Don’t forget that, have it in a bright cover so its easy to spot in your bag.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 18.32.37Source: Jack Wills

Comment, and let me know about your travel essentials 🙂


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