What Type of Londoner Am I ???

I commute up to London for University and was on my way back Friday and I picked up ES Magazine. One of the articles was a ‘What Type of Londoner are You?’ So I thought I would take the test and share it with you.

Here is a link if you want to take the test to …


So I answered all the questions and I got mostly B’s this is what it says

‘You are hip London personified. You’re all bike cafe’s, blogs and Hackney Hop Growers’ beer. You roast veggie sausages on a disposable BBQ on London Fields, hang out it Stokey, and are always within six feet on Nick Grimshaw. (I would like to point out I have never seen Nick Grimshaw on my travels. You over compensate for being born in Kent (well Essex) by doing every cool thing London has to offer, then pretending you’re to jaded to enjoy it. You’ve got a lot to learn from our type A friend as your default unimpressed face is scaring tourists away.’

I have to admit that some of the things are true … I usually do wear and unimpressed face when walking around London. I am a massive fan of sitting in Cafe’s, visiting Soho, Shoreditch and Chelsea. I do sometimes pretentiously visit Museums outside of my Art History module at Uni and I prefer veggie sausages.

The thing is this type of Londoner is my age group, those who have been up to Uni for three years and no where they are going (to a certain extent). I enjoy London and made the most of it while I lives there, granted I lived in West London on the outskirts of Middlesex but it was literally 20 minutes to South Bank on the train from my halls and it made me realise how much I love it there. Although if I moved to London I think I would get a house in the more suburban areas.

My Five Favourite Places in London …

1. Tate Britain

There is such a variety of stuff at Tate Britain from the older paintings to more modern creations (not the crazy surrealist stuff in Tate Modern).

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

2. Nordic Bakery in Soho


Source: Nordic Bakery

This little cafe down in Golden Square is quaint and different and the coffee and muffins are good too.   

3. The Markets …

There are so many brilliant market scattered all over London … Camden Market,  Portobello Road, Brick Lane Market, Old Spitalfields. The Choices are endless depending on what you are looking for from Antiques and Vintage, to Modern clothing, Art, furniture and food.

Source: Spitalfields Market – Visit London

4. The Hollywood Arms in Chelsea.

If you want something slightly more upmarket then this pub is definitely up your street. It’s a lovely little pub on Hollywood Road. It’s not the usual pub, with a recent refurbishment it looks amazing. If you want to treat yourself go for it. There are alway events happening rom live music, to screenings and quizes. If this isn’t right for you then check out The Crescent, Henry J Bean’s Bar and Grill or The Phene

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

5.  South Bank

I love the South Bank area it is jam-packed with things to do and in the winter has the cutest little market. There is theatres, galleries, museums, parks and the BFI. If you are visiting London go down there and just pick a place you can not find something to do down there. 

Source: sbeg.com

Tell me your favourite places to visit or take the test and let me know what type of Londoner you are.

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