Slam Dunk Festival …

Slam Dunk is a UK Festival that is held over May bank holiday for three days North, South and Midlands. The acts featured are alternative, pop punk type acts.



I went this year to Slam Dunk South in Hatfield, with three friends. We got the train up there but that was a HUGE mistake as we ended up being stranded up there and having to call parental back up to come collect us at 11.30 at night, although we got back quicker than we would have if we managed to catch the train (typical).


Source: Amy Constantine Photography

We got to see loads of amazing bands there. All Time Low, Pierce The Veil and Mallory Knox are some of my favourite bands and for bout £40 I got to see all three. I went to Reading a couple of years back and loved it (I got to see 30 Seconds to Mars,  MCR and Muse) but the five days of camping really took its toll on me as I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME so I get tired really easy and we got early bird tickets so I was stuck there for an extra day. Slam Dunk however is only a one day festival so it’s not to bad.


This is what I wore, we were really lucky and it was really good weather, I wore a pair of light denim shorts, a black top crop and a grey drop arm tank. I wore white converse hi-tops and a camouflage jacket, and packed leggings and a grey Pierce the veil sweatshirt. The key to dressing for festivals is layering, as the weather can change really quickly.

Pierce the Veil are one of my favourite bands, so the fact that they were there literally made my day. They are a Post Hardcore band from Sand Diego, California. Here is one of their tracks …


Vic Fuentes


Tony Perry

Mallory Knox, is a hard rock band from the UK. They were one of the first bands we saw on the day and they were epic.


Mikey Chapman


The headlining band was All Time Low, a pop punk band from America. I have always liked All Time Low, but have never been able to see them when they were touring the UK, so I was super excited for their set it was probably one of the best spent hours of my life.


Jack Barakat wearing a tutu


Zack Merrick


Alex Gaskarth


We also met a lovely guy at the station who ripped open his jeans and was missing one shoe, and he lived in the same area as us (SMALL WORLD). I also met Si and Tom from Don Broco, and James from Hadouken. We also went on a Broco-hunt to find Rob and Matt but failed. My friend decided they were Brocomon (like pokemon) and hid. 

DSCF1023    IMG_1244

All in all if you like Alternative, Rock , Hardcore style music Slam Dunk is definitely the festival for you. I had so much fun there and if the line up in as good next year I will definitely go again but maybe drive up instead.

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