London Zoo …

On Monday I went to London Zoo with some friends from University before everyone went back home to their respective regions of the country. I have never been to London Zoo being from Southend it always made more sense to go to Colchester Zoo instead. I haven’t been to a Zoo in ages so I was super excited. Adult tickets are £25.00 but we downloaded 2 for 1 vouchers that you can you with valid train tickets so it only cost us £12.50 each.

Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 16.28.49

We all met up at Waterloo station and got the Northern line to Camden Town and walked from there (after a bit if a detour we managed to get there.


We got these seriously cute tickets though. I mean look at that face. We got to the zoo at about 1.00, and were just in time to see the penguins getting fed. They were so cute. I love penguins and now have like a ton of photos of them.

IMG_1314 IMG_1279

We went all over the park, and tried to see everything as there was no point in only seeing some of them.

We went into a butterfly enclosure, where you walked around and the butterflies flew over head which was great., unless you hate flying bugs.


Of course if you have to see the lions and the tigers at the zoo, everyone loves them. This sign is on the lion and tiger cages which me and my friend though was hilarious. I’m not entirely sure why it was so amusing at the time but it is quite comical in hindsight as well. One thing I hate is that sometimes you get glare from the camera, luckily the sleeping tiger can still be seen.


IMG_1495   IMG_1513

 Monkeys are a given at any Zoo and London Zoo has an abundance of monkey enclosures for you to choose from.  I took  the spider monkeys one on my phone, the one time the rubbish camera has come in handy. I love the little mother and baby picture at the bottom. they were so cute unfortunately she wanted to hide but the picture is not to bad.

IMG_20130610_135752        IMG_1393 monkeys

We also saw, meerkats, giraffes, Porcupines, Hippos, Llamas,  Camels…

IMG_1692 IMG_1659

Fish, reptiles, turtles and a whole menagerie of things through out the day.

IMG_1616 IMG_1526

We finished the day with an Ice cream from the ice cream van. It was like being a little kid again. I chose a Twister while my friend had this huge waffle cone flake thing.

Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 16.34.31

If you are thinking about going to London Zoo I totally recommend it. If you have those vouchers it isn’t to expensive and there is so much to see and there are a variety of talks and shows during the day to keep everyone amused and happy. There are so many gift shops as well dotted around with reasonably priced souvenirs which is great.


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