Scruff vs Smooth …

Do you prefer your man with a bit of stubble or skin as smooth as a babies bum?

Source: and

Source: and

Well there is research that has proven that women prefer men with a stubble describing them as  tough, mature, aggressive, dominant and masculine – and as the best romantic partners, either for a fling or a long-term relationships. Men with clean shaven faces were said to look younger and than men with full beards. However it was men with light stubble that won out in the end perfect medium. Don’t you think?

The journal of Social Behaviour and Personality published the article: The Influence of Facial Hair on Impression Formation and state …

               “Results indicated consistently more positive perceptions of social/physical attractiveness, personality, competency and composure for men with facial hair.”

What Facial Hair says About a Man ? 

Clean Shaven: It’s a sign of youth, the less hair a man has the younger he can seem especially if you have a baby face, lets face it if you dont have any body hair you remind people of a small boy. This is not to say that clean shaven men are unattractive  at least there is no chance of having unsightly stubble rash at the morning meeting.

Full Beard : A full beard screams ‘MAN’ because lets face it only men can grow facial hair. The full beard is the sign of an Alpha Male, the perfect amount of beard before it goes into Dad or Crazy territory ala George Clooney.

Overall Scruff:  The perfect medium? I have to admit I see a man with a bit of stubble it is an instant turn on, as a girl in my early 20’s a full on beard is not something I want to see. I have to say that 2 day fuzz is the perfect look for a man my age. However Jack Passion author of The Facial Hair Handbook says “Assuming this isn’t the beginning of a beard, overall scruff could say a few different things, so look at the jeans,” he advises. “Designer? He’s in it to get laid, plain and simple. Covered in oil paint? Artist, probably living off parents’ vast old wealth … a gold digger’s jackpot.



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