My Day in London …

So this week a friend and I travelled up to London to change it up a little bit and feel a bit cultured going to the Victoria and Albert Museum and then shopping down Oxford Street.

I love museums and galleries. I did an art history course during my degree and got to go to The National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, British Museum, Tate Britain and Tate Modern. I haven’t been to the V & A Museum since I was about 13 so we thought it would be great fun.

We set off about 9.30, and got there about 10.45, you can access the museum from the Subway in South Kensington Station or the entrances by Cromwell Road or Exhibition Road.  The weather was very muggy that day so I wore my denim skater skirt from H! by Henry Holland, a black tank top, and a pair of black slipper shoes and my warehouse knitted cardigan. I plaited my hair the night before so it came out nice and wavy and quick to do the next day, and simple makeup with a pink lip. I used Innocent by Topshop

20130626_162445      20130626_083447

First stop was the V & A,  there are six floors and and abundance of rooms highlighting all the different culture. I love the fashion room and it is always the room I go to first (its the first one you come across as well). They have some amazing stuff on display all around the museum.

DSCF1067 DSCF1071

DSCF1072 DSCF1069

The other thing that I always find intresting it the European and British artefacts and tend to drift towards those room next.

DSCF1081 DSCF1082

DSCF1078 DSCF1089

(Those red things are SOCKS… yes you heard (well read) right SOCKS, look kind of uncomfortable)

The other things we also went to were the Asian and Greek cultural rooms, the photography and Raphael rooms (which house massive and I mean massive religious paintings. We looked at the marble statues and statues of hindu gods.

DSCF1073 DSCF1092

DSCF1099 DSCF1083

One last thing before I go on about the shopping, the also have this amazing chandilier in the atrium by Dale Chihuly which is absolutely phenomenal.


After we left the V & A we took the tube down to Tottenham Court Road and went to Starbucks and Primark, here is my typical Instagram style picture of my Caramel frappuccino and blueberry muffin.


I had to buy my nan a facinator in Primark but I also bought a grey boyfriend style t-shirt (they are so comfortable and for £3.50 and wash up really well), a white sun dress for £5 and a room diffuser for a £1 in Vanilla to decant into the expensive vase one my nan bought me.

We walked all the way down to Selfridges, and got Pinkberry (It would have been rude not to). Of course we looked at all the expensive bags and shoes that I can not afford. We looked in some of the other stores on the way Aldo and Forever 21 as well but I only bought the few things in Primark. I was actually really dissapointed with the choice in Primark up there, the dresses were horrible and I went into the Primark in Southend the other day and they had a lot nicer selection.

Original Yogurt with Bluberries

Original Yogurt with Bluberries

We got home at a reasonable time and were in home in time for dinner. It was a great day out and the weather was lovely so we didn’t have to contend with the rain at all.


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