My Week in Pictures …



I am going for an 8 Day week this time as, I have had a pretty quiet week, I went  to London to the V & A, (the previous post) and for some reason I didn’t post any pictures Instagram.

1.On Saturday my cousin Lauren got married, I am the bridesmaid on the left, it was a lovely day and I will do a post on it soon the photo is courtesy of Gary Derbridge (x).

2.The Bouquets were beautiful, they had peonies, roses, lavender and other beautiful foliage.

3.”Oops upside your head”. I found this on my phone the next day,  my cousin Sofie, Aunt Jean, a couple of people I should know but don’t, my  mum and Uncle Tony all having a lovely time.

4.On Friday I went in to town and treated myself to some DVDs, I got Friday 13th, Breakfast Club and Friends with benefits for a movie night with some friends.

5. I treated myself to a yummy brownie on Friday.

6. I spent the afternoon with my friend Amy, and then went to See All at Sea (x) a band local to Southend, and she and her dad decided to post a video while I was cooking (x).

7. Thunderball, (We changed it to Thunderbirds but you can’t really see it) its pear wine with vodka. It is an interesting combo.

8. As we were slightly tipsy the fact the slogan for the sauce was “We’re proud of our Squirt” (I’ll let you figure that out).

9. On Sunday before work I went to Costa and got an Ice Vanilla Latte … I didn’t like it. The put ice and milk at the bottom and then blended ice, vanilla and coffee like a frapuccino. It was weird and I wasn’t that keen and will stick to Starbucks ice latte’s from now on.


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