Top 5 Songs (at the moment)

1. Treasure – Bruno Mars

This is my go to dance along song at the moment, I love it, you can sing and dance along to it with ease and I blast it when I am getting ready. The whole Unorthodox Jukebox Album has been well played on my iTunes list this month. I am ashamed to admit it but its my shower song at the moment

2. King for a Day – Pierce the Veil ft Kellin Quinn

Pierce the Veil are one of my favourite bands, so I alway have their album blasting through my headphones, I corrupted my friend Amy with this  song so it has to be good.

3. Death Rattle – Mallory Knox

I’ve played this song so much that I actually know all the words. Mallory Knox are another of my favourite bands so I go between which song I play on repeat, it just never gets old and Mikey Chapman isn’t bad to look at either.

4. Let Her Go – Passenger

Slowing things down now, this is a perfect summer song for me. I am a indie, pop punk fan so this is perfect summer bbq in the garden with my friend soudtrack. Despite the fact its a little sad, the sound of his voice is something I can listen to for hours.

5. Whole Truth – Don Broco

Don Broco are one of those bands that you can’t help but love. There songs are always catchy, this one makes me want to sing and dance along to, and those boys (enough said).

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