Beach Mix …

I am always blasting my music and ignoring the world around me and when I am on the beach or by the pool I will always have my head phones in here are my picks for some summer listening. Bare in mind these are my tastes and I like to mix up a bit of everything if I am going to be out for a long time, add something new to your iPod you may enjoy it.

(This is a random sample of my playlist the thing is like 100 songs long)

1. Locked out of Heaven – Bruno Mars (x)

2. Let Her Go – Passenger (x)

3. Lucky – Daft Punk (x)

4. That Girl – All Time Low (x)

5. La La La – Ava Leigh (x)

6. When You Can’t Sleep at Night – Of Mice and Men (x)

7. Knocking on Heavens Door – Bob Dylan (x)

8. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons (x)

9. While Listening to Rock and Roll – The Maine (x)

10. Another Love – Tom Odell (x)



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