What’s in My Hand Luggage …



The Bag … 


My Bag is a simple handbag from Primark for about £12.00. I like it because it is versatile its smart and simple and I use it everyday anyway. Also it isn’t to big so I can’t stuff unnecessary items in there.

Whats in the Bag …

Hand Luggage


Camera – I have a Canon EOS 1100D. I’m using it to take the picture so it isn’t in the pile.  I bought mine in Jessops when it was open but is widely available.

Shorts – I have to leave home at 2am so its going to be cold and I am probably going to wear leggings for comfort so I can change before I get of the plane. These ones are from New Look.

Bikini – In case I have to wait from my hotel room, I can sunbathe instead of sitting around in all my clothes. Top from Primark and Bottoms are from George at ASDA I thing

Hair Brush and ties – I always want to tie my hair up after a long flights so this is essential for me.

Journal – Has all my lists and I like to write and I find it handy to have a place to write things down.  This one I covered myself but was originally a plain brown one from Paperchase.

Book – I am reading  On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

Travel Insurance Documents – SUPER IMPORTANT ITEM 2, like tickets but my dad has those. Mine is with Debenhams.

Purse – Had money, ID. I usually take out all the general crap I won’t need. I take currency and normal money for the airport. This one is from Forever 21.

MP3 – For my music, as my phone dies quickly so it’s just for conveince more than anything. This is a cheap one from Amazon, although I would recommend to get a proper one.

Phone – Can’t leave home without this. I have a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Smints – For fresh breath or something to suck I my ears pop. Can buy in most supermarkets or corner shops.

Anti- Bacterial Wipes – Just handy to have.  From Newlook.

Passport – SUPER IMPORTANT ITEM 1.  The cover is from H & M.

Headphones – Can’t listen to music without these and for the plane. These ones are GUMMY Ear Buds in Pink.

Sunglasses – Going to need them getting of the plane so they would be no use in my check in bag.  These ones are from Ray Ban and I got them when I was abroad but are widely available

Glasses – I wear glasses for reading or when my eyes are tired so they are always in my bag.

Magazines – Kerrang! And Nylon

Clear Plastic Baggy …

Clear Bag

Anti-Bacterial Gel – Obvious reasons this one was from ASDA.

Handcream – I get dry hands really easily, and it’s only 75 ml so there was no point in putting it in a smaller container. This one smells devine and is from ASDA, (I have mentioned it before).

Travel Sickness Pills, Medicine – I carry my pills in the pastic baggy as I am less likely to loose them.

Nasal Spray – I have allergies so this unblocks my nose and makes me feel better.

Perfume – A little one like this is just handy for a quick spray when I get off the plane. This one is from Next.

Lip Balm  – Dry, Chapped lips isn’t a good look on anyone so I have a yummy coconut one from Next.


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