Instagram Catch Up … (My Week in Pictures … Kinda)


1. DOMINO’s; we had large stuffed crust Pepperoni pizza, garlic mozzarella balls, cookies and FREE ben and Jerry’s cookie dough. I haven’t had Domino’s in ages and their cookies are AMAZING.

2. I got bored and drew all over Amy’s whiteboard, do not ask!

3. I got my cartilidge pierced at Urban Ink in Southend for £10

4. Wagamamas  dinner Ginger Chicken Udon, always a good meal.

5.  Took Amy’s Wagamama virginity, we travelled up to Lakeside especially for it.

6. Frugo juice drink, exciting stuff there my friends.

7. Amy made me scotch pancakes and bacon for breakfast, it was good stuff.

8. Maple Syrup its versatile (apparently).

9. Amy and her Whoppie Pies (she was very proud of them).

10. I went to Bobby Jo’s and American diner down the seafront with some friends from work and Amy won me a unicorn at the arcades (her name is Florence).


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