Bachelorette Film Review

Source: Wikipedia

Girls night in is not complete without a cheesy girly film, and a friend of mine came over with one to many bottles of wine, Ben and Jerry’s, chocolate and a copy of Bachelorette. However thats not exactly what we got. The film was average at best, there wasn’t anything original or wow about it. It just kind of was. The film’s plot was brittle and loose at best and kind of swayed all over the place.

IMDB summarize it as “Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of a woman they used to ridicule back in high school.” which is pretty much basically it, but forgets to mention that they are three monumental bitches, they constantly belittle Becky and make it seem as if she is undeserving of a good looking man because she is a little bigger that everyone else. I know it is a black comedy and a little bit of self loathing is expected but the amount in this film is insane. I mean enough is enough, fat, bulimia, drugs, abortion all rolled into one group of friends is enough for any self respecting woman to want to hit herself in the head. I can honestly say these three women are the worst friends in the world, and when Rebel Wilson is the innocent, sensible one what can you truly expect, her character was underrated and not given the screen time that would have probably made this a better film because lets face it Rebel Wilson can make you laugh.

They only seem to make up at the end because they film is about friendship, which to be fair isn’t really the point of it all and seems just written that way because it gives it a happy gooey cookie dough ending like bridesmaids and it didn’t really work in favour of the film. Overall it’s not the worst film in the world but I wouldn’t watch it again if I had the choice.

My favourite thing in this film was Kirsten Dunst’s dress and I would like to get it but thats about all. If you want a good time watch Bridesmaids again it doesn’t get old, and besides there was no bride so technically it’s not a Bachelorette.

Verdict: 3 out of 5


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