Back to School – Dorm Room

When you move to Uni or College, you may be moving into the dorms, my advice is all the essentials you need to get but make sure you are going to be able to use them again when you move out or go back home. These are my picks, but obviously you can tailor them to your tastes. Back to School - Dorm Room

1. in2green Navajo Blanket from Gracious Home- £110.00

A blanket is a dorm room essential because no matter how high you turn up the heat you will still get cold. I love this blanket, as I am obsessed with these Native American Navajo blanket.

2. Newgate Cream Medium Bell Alarm Clock from House of Fraser – £20.00

Somehow you need to get up for those lectures, so you’ll need an alarm, no matter how much you want to deny it.

3. ‘Saturday Mornings are for Mimosas and Brunch’ Poster from Etsy -£9.37

Posters are a great way of brightening up a dull dorm room and this one is great.

4.Warren Glass Lamp by Simon Pearce – £37.93

A lamp will always come in handy, and as lovely as those desk lamps are you might as well spend some money and get something you can use when you leave your dorm.

5.Precious Things Jar from H&M – £6.99

Jars like these are great you can put anything into them and they help tidy up all the tat, you can put pens, hair clips and general bits and bobs in them. You can even use jam jars and paint  or glitter them to give them a bit of sparkle.

Here is a how to and its super easy …


6. ‘Coffee Makes My Day More Beautiful’ from Amara – £6.99

Every student needs a big mug its an essential wheter you drink tea or coffee a whimsical mug is always fun and at you know its yours.


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