Top 5 Crafty Ideas …

1. Origami Garlands

Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 22.02.25

I made this one to put over my mirror, I saw it in my Company magazine and thought it was a great idea. The idea was originally for a christmas decoration but I used old magazines to make mine making it a little more everyday. I also added hearts I saw on super scrimpers. Its super easy once you get the hang on the stars.



2. Painted/ Tinted Jars


I think these are great, they make such a great statement in a room and are very versatile, you can put flowers, candles or pens. I love using jars for keeping things in as a line of jars in so much neater than having everything scattered over the desk instead.

3. Wall Art


I think these are a great idea, and look fab, you can do whatever you want on the pictures and you can makes something that fits in with the decor of your room.

4. Air Freshner

Source: Gillian Baker on Pintrest

DIY room air freshener

These are an amazing ideas and look good sitting on the side instead of those white plastic things. If you don’t have a lid you can make holes in use a piece of cloth instead of foil, however remember you can re use it so you’ll only have to make holes in a jar lid once. If you want to jazz it up add  a ribbon around the neck.

5. Knit your own hat


I am one of those people that love to wear hats, especially in the autumn/winter months so why not have a go at one of your owns, you can probably nick a pair of knitting needles from your nan.


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