Sweater Weather …

Now that Autumn is here it is time to break out the knitwear, here are my top 5 jumpers. Sweater Weather

1. Topshop Angora Cable Knit Sweater – £46.00

A cable knit jumper never goes out of style and will go with pretty much everything from jeans to a party skirt and heels. This one from Topshop comes in a variety of colours, I like this one in the grey though. If you buy a slouchy one it will look like you have nicked your boyfriends sweater, or better yet do just that.

2. Jack Wills Harraton Fairisle Crew – £93.00

I love fairisle jumpers, but always prefer the boys ones so I tend to look in the mens department for these types of jumpers. This one is from the mens department from Jack Wills, the pattern is not overwhelming, however if you want one that is more vibrant (x) there is this one from Asos.

3. Zoe Karrasen ‘Good girls love Bad Boys’ Sweatshirt – £95.00

Sweatshirts were a staple of the 90’s, and are back this season with the whole grunge trend, they also keep you nice and warm, the graphic print on jumpers is also a big thing again this season so you are killing two birds. If sweaters aren’t your thing there are loads of jumpers with graphic prints as well Forever 21 is a good place to look. (x)

4. H&M Fine Knit V Neck Jumper – £7.99

A fine knit sweater is such a versatile thing everyone should have one in their wardrobe. I have a couple in different colours, and wear them with jeans or a pencil skirt if the weather is colder and I need to look smart.

5. Warehouse Tuck Stitch Zip Cuff Sweater – £40.00

In the winter, it is easy to go with dark colours, so buy a sweater with a pop of colour to keep our wardrobe bright, this red one is great as it goes with the festive season, without having a giant snowman on the front.


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