Bath …

As I previously mention I took my brother to university in Exeter and spent the weekend up in Bristol. We also visited the lovely town of Bath there was a marathon in Bristol and it was super busy.

So on the way we went to an American diner called Route 303 conveniently on the A303, the food there was amazing. I had pancakes and bacon with maple syrup of course. Thank God I only ordered two because that was  struggle in its self.


We also drove past Stonehenge, we didn’t stop but to be fair its probably not all that different out of the car as in it.

stone henge

We stayed at a Mecure in Bristol, the place was lovely, we had comfy rooms and lovely food (I have never seen burgers so big). The beds were super comfy and so were the pillows.


I finalyy got a chance to wear my Dorothy Perkins oxblood pencil skirt which is so comfortable.


On sunday we spent the day in Bath, we just walked around (for 4 hours) by the time we got back to the hotel I wanted a nap and a foot rub (and I HATE people touching my feet) I got 1 out of 2.


We saw the Abbey, the river, did some shopping and generally walked around looking at the architecture.










Standard stag in a suit walking a hedge dog

We had a great time and I would definitly go back again there was a lot of places to visit and the Jane Austen Center is there which is meant to be really good, I think the tickets are about £8.00, they also have a fashion museum and the Roman baths, so there is plenty to do.

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