Anyone for Cake ???

Who doesn’t love cake?? Cake makes everything better. So this lead to a baking day with my bff Amy (x) here is a link to her blog Confessions of a Serial Hooker (No she is not a prostitute) so check her out. I have head all these things about Funnel Cake, it is an American thing usually eaten at carnivals and as I am not American, or planning on going to America anytime soon I decided to make them myself. This is the recipe we used (x) from Grandbaby Cakes.

Funnel Cake Ingredients

You will need, Cornflour, Milk, Flour, Baking Soda, Eggs, Cinamon, Vanilla Extract, Salt, Caster Sugar. Also piping bags, you can get some from ASDA that are disposable which are super handy. We used a fryer instead of doing them in a pan because it was so easier but you can easily do it in a pan as well.







FC7We used wholemeal flour so which is slightly different from the recipe but sprinkle them with icing sugar or something equally as yummy like chocolate sauce or maple syrup (I don’t know if thats right but it sure as hell tastes good). Enjoy, they are actually a lot easier to make than we thought and I would totally recommend trying them.



To make macarons you will need, icing sugar, caster sugar, ground almonds, 4 eggs, salt and some food colouring.






And we finished of the night with a nice Chinese.



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