Things I Love About Winter …

As Autumn/ Winter is coming closer, and the weather gets colder lets not dwell on bad things but look at the things we love about the winter season. Things I love about Winter

1. Stealing your Boyfriends Jumper

Everyone loves being warm and snug at winter and what better than stealing your other halfs warm winter sweater. If  your arent lucky enough to have a hunky man to cuddle with then get a sweater and a cat or dog to cuddle with.


In winter I love scented candles as they just make the room so much warmer and cozy.

3. Toffee Nut Latte at Starbucks

I love the winter drinks at Starbucks and Costa and I love a hot beverage when its cold out so I am looking forward to these.

4. Parties

For some reason all my friends have birthdays in the holiday season so I am a busy little social bee this winter and of course there are work parties and things to do with family.


Enough said.


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