Now that it’s Autumn …

I love Autumn or Fall if you are American, it is my favourite season. As it is now September and Autumn is creeping in I thought I would do the Autumn Tag for you all.


Favourite Thing About It: The colour of the leaves changing and getting to wear jumpers again.
Favourite Drink: Anything sweet or any time coffee is involved usually Starbucks.
Favourite Scent/Candle: Apple Cider. Yankee Candle do an amazing one (x)
Best Lipstick: Anything red, I alway wear red lipstick its my favourite shade, my favourite one is the Kate Moss range from Rimmel, they have some great colours and don’t dry out your lips to much.
Go To Moisturizer: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturiser SPF 15. It’s great for sensitive skin which I suffer with so its gentle on my skin especially when the wind gets harsher.  (x)
Go To Colors For The Eyes: Grey or Peach. I don’t generally wear more than a flick of eyeliner, however if I do go for something bolder I will go for a smokey eye or day to day a peachy colour.
Favourite Band/Artist To Listen To: The Gaslight Anthem, I have a little bit of an obsession with this band at the moment (x).
Favourite outfit to wear: Oversized Thick knit jumper, wooly scarf, Skinny Jeans and heeled ankle boots.

Autumn Treat (i.e what will you treat yourself too): Something sweet.Probably cookies or I’ll make my Lemon drizzle cake.
Favourite Place To Be: I don’t have a favourite place to be, I’ll probably be at the park, home or seeing one of my friends bands play somewhere.

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