My Wardrobe Essentials

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(from far left to bottom right)

I am a big believer of having plain basics in my wardrobe that I can mix and match with each other and other items I own depending on the day or event. I tend to wear a lot of neutrals and blacks regardless so my essentials reflect that. A white baggy v-neck t-shirt is a perfect throw on staple to own, I personally will always pair this with skinny jeans if I am running late or can’t make up my mind and either throw on flats or vans if I am going casual or a pair of heels if it is a lunch or something along those lines. A good cardigan is a must, I swear by Zara plain long cardigans they are slightly more expensive that Primark but they last for ages and I wear mine to death (I really need to replace mine this year). A leather jacket is must it instantly  adds a sexy factor to any outfit and is literally one of the most universal items I have in my wardrobe.  A thick fluffy scarf is a must, I love scarves and wear them all year round, (obviously I go for lighter ones in the summer) but during the winter a scarf is essential, I am in love with this red one and I have a similar snood from Primark that I adore. A pair of good jeans are a must because they are so versatile and if you have that one pair of jeans that make your ass look great and you feel amazing you’ll always have that confidence you need. LBD, do I really need to explain that one. A staple bag and lipstick are a fail safe something classic will always work best. a pair of ballet flats and a pair of nude heels, go with everything and can be dressed up or down. Finally a watch, if you have a gold or silver one brilliant it translates so well from day to-night and a chunky statement watch or dainty bracelet style watch means you don’t have to bring a ton of jewellery to the office for drinks that evening.


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