October Wishlist …

October Wishlist

1. Iris and Edie All in One – £20.00

These onesies are made from a waffle type material and look super soft. I am kind of on the fence about onesies but these ones look so comfy and as we are trying to cut down our heating bill this winter it may be a good idea to keep me warm.

2. Nail Inc Floral Street Nail Polish – £11.00

I have been obsessing about white nail varnish for a couple of weeks now and I hate buying nail varnish that chips after a couple of days. Nail Inc are a great brand, I find Topshop ones are great too.

3. Topshop Basket Stitch Snood – £20.00

I love thick knit scarves in the autumn, and maroon and burgundy are my favourite colours this season so I will look for this one.

4. Jack Wills Austerberry Blazer – £179.00

I LOOOOVE this blazer, I like to mix my styles and I wear my band tees under a blazer a lot especially if I am going out. It’s simple and easy and looks good, this one is smart and can be worn in the country as well. Very spiffing.

5. Kilner Clip Top Bottle – £3.00

I am obsesses with the Kilner’s range as they look so old country kitchen and I am using these for a few of my presents this year. Yes I am going all crafty with presents this year and I will be posting them after they have been handed out.

6. Apple Cider Yankee Candle £ 9.97

I love apple cider and Yankee Candles so perfect combo. As the weather gets colder I prefer warmer, spicier scents to the summer when I prefer floral lighter scents. So I will go for something like that (x) this site has some amazing deals on Yankee candles.

7. Primark Wrapped Buckle Ankle Boots – £20.00

I am a massive fan of ankle boots, I wear them all the time in winter as I like the height and they are a great alternative to heels as I am a bit of a heel avoider although I did just get a nice pair so we will see.

8. ASOS Oversized Beanie – £8.00

I am a beanie person, I’ll throw one on and go if I am having a bad hair day and as I mentioned I love maroon so this one ticks all the boxes.

9. H & M Fine Knit Jumper – £14.99

I have been using this in a lot of my looks and things as it is so versatile and I need a couple more of these types of jumpers and these ones are slightly nicer quality than Primark and will probably last longer.


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