Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Review


RRP: £10 

For me eyeliner is a staple part of my makeup bag, and everyday makeup routine. If I am going somewhere that warrants putting on make up (I’m super lazy and won’t put makeup on to go to the store) I will always wear eyeliner. I have worn it for a long while, It used to be thicker than it is now. I went through a emoish phase in high school and went from pencil to liquid. I got an amazing eyeliner from a Company magazine and when that one ran out I needed to replace it. I got this one free in a copy of Marie Claire as I mentioned in a previous post and I have finally gotten round to using this one.

Application: It takes a few attempts to get it right as I have been using a brush and pot eyeliner instead of a pen up until then but once you get the hang of it its definitely easier. However sometimes you have to put a little bit of pressure on the pen to get the eyeliner out which can be annoying as you have to re do the line.

Longevity: I can put this on in the morning and it is still intact when I get home after work or going out in the evening.

Verdict: This is a good product, application can be a little give and take but overall it lasts well and is easy and convenient to use as there is no pot or tube to hold while your applying it. It’s thin and compact so easy to store in a makeup bag or handbag, especially if you don’t have a lot of room. I would recommend this product, for the price it isn’t to insane and the product works well.


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