Polka Dot Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes …


IMG_0203I saw coffee and walnut muffins in BB Muffins one week and my mum has been bugging me since to make them. So this weekend I decided it was a good a time as any to make some. I could only find a coffee and walnut cupcake recipe but im sure that you could put them in muffin cases and have the same effect. I could only find cupcake cases in my local Asda so these are the ones I used. Aren’t they pretty?

IMG_0195This is the recipe I used from BBC Good Food (x). Most coffee and walnut cake recipies are similar so if this one isn’t for you have a look around and decide which one is best for you.

IMG_0197If you are a regular baker, you will probably have some of these items in your fridge, you need self rising flour, muscovado sugar, butter, walnuts, eggs, coffee and mascarpone for the icing although standard butter cream works good to just replace the mascarpone with butter it is an acquired taste.


They were pretty easy to make and tasted good to, even in my death trap of an oven they weren’t dry, If you aren’t a massive fan of walnuts, then just don’t add as many in or chop them up smaller. I did mine in a variety of sizes so they still had a nutty flavour but weren’t overpowering and still had a few chunky nuts as well.




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