Top 5 Places I Would Like to Visit …

If I had the money I would travel so much more. I love other cultures and if there enough museums, landmarks and shopping for me then I am a happy camper.

1. New York City


I know it’s very cliché but I have never been to America and I prefer cities to anything else and the whole idea of LA doesn’t really appeal to me. Saying that my friend is out there at the moment and is loving it. I think New York is just one of those places that everyone really wants to visit.

2. Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is somewhere I have always wanted to go and I am not really sure why I just do, it’s completely different from anywhere I have ever been before and it looks so beautiful.

3. Rome


I have been to Italy before staying in a small town outside of Venice and I fell in love with it, I previously mentioned how much I love cities and this is one I have always wanted to visit. I loved the countryside when I went there so to be in and Italian city would be magical.

4.  Rio De Janeiro


There is so much culture to see in Rio, there are beautiful museums and wonderful landmarks to see here, it’s a place you would never get bored in.

5. Barcelona

I have always had an interest  in Catalan culture and spanish guitar music and the architecture is amazing, I admit I watched Vicky, Christina Barcelona and wanted desperately to visit there.


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