Cold Weather Essentials …

Over the last couple of days Autumn has really hit the UK and the weather has suddenly dropped really quickly and its gotten a lot colder than it has been. This has lead everyone to finally pull out their winter wardrobe. Here are my essential items to keep you warm, cosy and comfortable this winter season. Cold Weather Essentials
1. Fleece Lined Tights – These ones are from Tesco for £6.00 but you can get them pretty much everywhere I bought mine from Primark last year. They are super thick and comfy, I would totally reccomened getting some, as don’t thin out like knitted ones
2. Thick Socks – Everyone needs a thick pair of socks in the winter even if they are just to wear around the house if you don’t like wearing them with your boots. Also if you aren’t a slipper fan these will work just as well.   These ones are from American Eagle for £5.00
3. Sweater – A sweater is a winter essential and if you don’ t have one GET ONE, cause an oversized jumper is nice and cozy especially with a pair of leggings. This one is from Chiara Fashion for £15.00
4. Big Mug – Warm drinks are an cold weather must have and you might as well go big or go home Cath Kidston do amazing ones I have two and they usually retail for £6.50.
5. Moisturiser – I have quite sensitive skin so I need a good moisturiser, I find that the Aveeno range is a really good one, I use the 24hr Skin Relief Lotion for £10.00. I wouldn’t spend the earth on a moisturiser but this one isn’t too expensive and is really good on my skin especially wind chapped skin.
6. Wooly Hat – I am a hat person, some people aren’t. I wear wooly hats all the time in the cold weather keep you head and feet warm and you wont be so cold. Winter berry is a major trend this season this one is from ASOS for £12.00
7. Hand Warmers – These things are the best things since sliced bread, I love them espeically if I have a early start and they keep your hands toasty in the cold morning weather. You can get really cute ones like these bunny warmers for £10.00.
8. Gloves – Having numb hands is the worst thing especailly when you are trying to text someone. These are the best of both worlds as mittens are the cutest thing but you can still flip the mitten over and text away. They do them at most high street stores these are from Accessorize and come in at £14.00
9. Boots – Everyone should have a pair of boots in the winter, they go with pretty much everything and will keep your feet warm and dry. I like the ones with a tan band around the top and these ones although are £100 will last a few years. If you want to spend £20 go to Primark but I think spending a little more on a pair of boots will last longer.
10. Coat – Only a nutter would go out without a coat on in winter, i have a similar coat to this and it looks stylish without being to childish. I sometimes feel like that with duffle coats but that is a personal prefrence on me.
11. Cozy Pyjamas – I pretty much spend all my time at home in pyjamas during the winter months becasue they are so  much warmer than anything else especially plaid ones I’m not sure why but I hate fleecy ones so I go for a thick cotton. These bottoms are mens ones from Jack Wills and cost £37.00 baggier the better.
12. Sweater Dress – This is one of the best things to have in your wardrobe during the winter you can pretty much wear it everywhere with any coloured tights and boots to a family dinner or out with friends. This one comes in a variety of colours at £14.99 in a round neck or v neck from H&M

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