Instagram Monthly round up …


1. New Shoes, We have gotten a concession of Barratts in our Debenhams store and I needed a new pair of black heels as my old ones are way to big for me which sucks as they were really nice. So I bought these one the retail for £25.00 and I got them for £22.50 with my staff discount.

2. BB Muffin’s Treat, I had a long day at work and it was cold and raining, I needed a treat so I got a caramel latte and a coffee and walnut muffin (which I ended up making myself a week later)

3. Graze  Popcorn, I got this in my Graze box which I get once a month, I was hungry and cold so we decided to watch a film and eat some popcorn, I could have probably put in for a few more seconds but it tasted amazing.

4. Royal Princess Mug, speaks for itself really.

5. Selfie, I was on the way to see my friends band at Chinnery’s in Southend on sea and decided to take a shameless selfie.

6. Metasic, this is a pic of the band I went to see this is their sound cloud page (

7. Coffee and Walnut Muffins, I did a post about these when I made them (x) they were really good I might make them again soon .

8. Hot Chocolate, this was my first hot chocolate of the year.

9. I see the Moon, I was walking home and the moon looked really pretty.

10. Scones, I made these when my Nan and Granddad came over I made sultana ones as well.

11. Frames Degree Certificate, I have had this since July and I only just framed it, originally I was gonna hang it in the landing where all our certificates are hung but it is still sitting on my desk at the moment.

12. PICK N MIX, I had a craving.


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