Top 5 Films I Am Looking Forward To Seeing …

I am a massive fan of films and I love going to the cinema which is something I haven’t done as often since I left university which saddens me, I also am really saddened by the choice of films that are being released this winter season.

1. Carrie

I am obsessed with old horror films and I love Carrie it is one my favourite’s so when I heard they were remaking it, my first thought was I had to see it. I hope they do the original justice.

2. Killing My Darlings

I love beat generation, I loved On The Road by Jack Kerouac so this is something I am excited to go and see this one. I think it will be exciting and I’m loving the casting as well. I love the tragedy surrounding the story. I will pay money to see this lets hope its worth it.

3. Thor 2

I am a marvel junkie I have seen all of them and as much as I didn’t really like Natalie Portman’s performance in the first film I am keeping an open mind and who doesn’t want to see Chris Hemsworth and those muscles.

4. Parkland

This movie is about the assasination of John F Kennedy. I watched the trailer and thought how good it looked, I’m hoping it will be fast paced and exciting. It has Zac Efron as a doctor in it so can’t be all bad.

5. Stuck in Love

I am aware this came out in June but I didn’t see it so I have pre-ordered the DVD, I love Lily Collins at the moment and I have heard good things about it.

Other Films I may see : Frozen, A.C.O.D, Seventh Son, and Vampire Academy


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