I saw a post about make up in Poundland and thought I would have a look, they had some really nice things in their such as lip gloss and eyeshadow but I don’t particularly wear that sort of make up so I didn’t bother, however they did have some amazing nail varnishes, they have ranges such as Bourjous, Sally Hansen and Revlon and most of these brands retail from £5- £8. So for a £1 they were a steal, I even manages to get two in one. I’m wearing the pale green one at the moment and it has chipped slightly but I will wear and review all these colours. (the second from the left is a deep blue)

Poundland nailv

I have been obsessed with Yankee Candles since we started doing them at work, and as it is Autumn I wanted some more Autumnal scents for my candles, Yankee is so expensive though and Bath and Body works don’t ship to the UK and are expensive on amazon so I went to have a look in Poundland but that failed for what I wanted and my friend suggested TK Maxx, and they had a couple of Pumpkin ones from For Every Body which I have been obsessed with for ages (the scent) and it smells gorgeous. I bought mine for £5.99 and they retail online for about £14.00



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