Best Things to Steal From Your Boyfriend …

As the nights are getting colder, its important to stay warm and snug so what better than stealing stuff from your other half, and besides whats sexier to a guy than his girl in his clothes.
Best Things to Steal From Your Boyfriend ...
1. Sweatshirt – Every girl wants a man she can steal a sweatshirt off. I love oversized sweaters and mens ones are always nicer for some reason. (I have an amazing Breakfast Club one).
2. Plaid Shirt – I wear shirts all the time and plaid ones, I wear mine over t-shirts or with jeans. There is something about mens shirts that are super close. I sometimes wear one to bed.
3. T-shirt, I used to steal my ex band tees all the time, I like the fact that they are so baggy, I wear mine (well his) with my skinnys, ballet flats and leather jacket. I think I still have one somewhere.
4. Socks, I don’t know why but mens songs are always thicker and warmer.
5. Beanie, best thing for bad hair days (or morning after).
6. Sweats, especially comfy during lazy days.

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