Quick, Cheap and Easy Halloween Party Ideas …

It’s Halloween this week, YAY. At Uni throwing a Halloween party was a great way to meet up with everyone before going on to a club. Now days it’s a little bit less about getting wasted (only a little). Do you want to throw a party without blowing the bank? Here are some sure-fire ways to make your party look amazing without spending too much.


Poundland has a wonderful (and cheap) selection of items to pick up at the last-minute, the table-cloth is a lacy material so will look great and not tacky plastic or paper throw away ones, the pumpkins lights and lanterns are great to put over or around the food/drink table and these cupcake case are great if you want to make your own cakes (even if it is a Betty Crocker mix). Places like Poundland, Home Bargains and other discount stores are the cheapest places to buy food for parties as they are always cheaper than bigger supermarkets.

If you are into DIY then these candles are for you. they don’t cost much to make and the LED candles can be bought from a variety of stores. They look great and the best thing with these is that you can keep these for years to come.


If you are adults and too old for bobbing for apple (who’s too old when they’re drunk) then these little candles are cute and would work for bonfire night as well.

Source: marthastewart.com

I think these are great, if you are doing an outdoor party with a bonfire then these are an excellent lighting solution.

Source: marthastewart.com


The link above is for the mobile which I think is great but if it is to time consuming for you to hang them all up, simply cut out bats from black paper and stick them around the room they look great over windows, remember get the most out of the paper little bats work too.

Source: rebeccasdiy.blogspot.com

Cobwebs are an easy way to make anything slightly more creepier, they are a £1.00 from ASDA. They look horrid on the picture but if you pull it thin enough then they can look amazing over mirrors, lights and fireplaces. Remember you want cheap and easy as it’s all gonna be going in the bin the next day and this stuff can never be salvaged.


Pumpkin Carving …

If you are going for a spooky party theme Jack O Lanterns are the easiest way to get an eerie glow and they look cool. ASDA are doing two pumpkins for £3.00. For really large ones go to your local grocers, I went to one in Leigh-on-sea and had two large pumpkins for £5. Buy a large bag of tea lights (if they don’t get used you can use them over the christmas period) and get your guests to bring a pumpkin along as well.

Source: english2english.tumblr.com

I love a good Halloween party no one is to old for it, dress up and have a good time. Remember its Halloween and a bit of tack is necessary. You don’t have to spend the earth to have a good time, even for alcohol places like Home Bargains have amazing substitutes for well-known brands that taste just as good, I recommend them I have gotten a coconut rum from my local bargain store and it tasted no different to Malibu. The idea is not to think you have to spend a lot of money to host a good party.


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