Top 10 Halloween Movies…


Booooo, It’s halloween this week. I don’t have any plans this halloween. Now I am a graduate, I am no longer going to go a major halloween booze up. I am going to spend the evening having a horror movie marathon instead. Doing this I will eat a lot of Halloween type foods, probably just halloween themed cake (X). I watch a lot of classic and original horror if you couldn’t tell.

1. Carrie

Carrie is my all time favourite horror film, I don’t really know why I like it so much, theres something about it that makes a great watch. I am also excited about the remake staring Chloe Mortez and will be going to see it soon.

2. Friday the 13th


3. Halloween

4. Nightmare on Elm Street,

My boyfriend at the time  I first watched this, laughed at me for hours after we watched this film, I kept jumping and I couldn’t even deny it as we were sharing a single bed and he was like a 6ft rugby player build so he took up most of the room so felt me jump every time. This film creeps me out.

5. The Shining

6. Scream


7. Hocus Pocus

Can’t watch all scary films and this is a classic Halloween film. I watch this pretty much every halloween.

8.The Nightmare Before Christmas


Perfect end of the night film transition into the next holiday 😀

9. Chucky


10.  The Wickerman

What is creepier than this film and the weird nakedness and …. Its just WEIRD (I am talking about the original forget the remake THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE)

and when all the scary gets to much watch Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead or The Rocky Horror Show. (All have horror qualities with comedy or singing thrown in and are a lot less scary although Tim Curry in fish nets is pretty horrific)


Need to Check out … (I have seen all the Horror films above but the ones below and films I have been recommended or want to see)

Black Christmas

Cabin in the Woods

From Dusk till Dawn

The Evil Dead




Perfect night in …


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