Haul …

I have had to replace a lot of my winter wardrobe this year,  I always buy a new jumper every year, usually replacing an old one. I’ve been on a bit of a haul this week and wanted to share with you. I’ve managed to get everything I need for winter, bar a new pair of jeans (as I am super picky, they need to be super skinny and cheap).



I bought this jumper dress from H&M for £14.99 (x) which I love as I can wear it with pretty much everything and it will look great with tights and boots. I also needed new pyjama bottoms for £6.00 from Primark and I have been loving the ones with cuffs at the bottom as I wriggle at night my trousers ride up my legs and it annoys me to no end but these are prefect and are in a lovely christmasy red.


I have wanted a maroon scarf for ages and I love snoods they are easy to wear and this one matches my coat. It was a £5.00 and its soft and fluffy.


Winter essentials, Aveeno Moistueriser and candles, my moistueriser is my winter favourite one as its thicker than the simple one I use in the summer. It usually retails for around £7.00 and I got this one from boots. I got my candles from ASDA , the red glasss was a £1.00 and the Yankee tealights were on offer for 70p


I have mentioned I have been reading The Mortal Instruments Series, and as I could not wait to get them on amazon.co.uk they are cheaper on there. However if you do go to Waterstones they have a buy one get one half price offer at the moment. I also needed some more dry shampoo, as I am sometimes need to refreshen my hair on days I don’t wash it.



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