City of Bones by Cassandra Clare Book Review


Blurb: Clary Fray is seeing things: vampires in Brooklyn, werewolves in Manhattan. Irresistibly drawn to the Shadowhunters, a secret group of warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons, Clary encounters the dark side of New York City and the dangers of forbidden love.

I was recommended this series by a close friend of mine at university. I didn’t really know anything about the series at first.  went to see the film with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed it and who doesn’t like staring at Jamie Campbell Bower for a couple of hours. So I decided to pick up the first book in the series for about £3.50 in ASDA, (I’m sure I mentioned it in a previous post). I know the book has had a lot of mixed reviews, its one of those series you love or you hate. I am in the former category.

This series is Young Adult novel, so the book is easy to read, the simple text allows for reader involvement. The plot was fast paced and the action was exciting. There was a lot of description of the scenes that really allowed you to imagine your self in the setting and see the characters. The flow of information was good and I didn’t feel as if I was missing something. The characters are engaging and as much as the story focuses on Clary the other characters are not put in the back ground and made in significant, you understood each of their personalities and their relationships to the other characters and it didn’t hinder the plot at all.

I really enjoyed this novel, it was well written and I enjoyed the story, as I was writing this review I googled it to get a little more information and found it was originally a piece of fan fiction, reading this I didn’t realise it which I was happy about it even if I could understand the similarities to Harry Potter, however they are both YA novels and fantasy so there will always be similarities even to Twilight. However I enjoyed this much more than the Twilight novels which I read during high school.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes YA novels or fantasy I couldn’t put it down and read it in about three days probably less if I didn’t have to go to work in between. I was instantly hooked into the word Clare created and the characters that inhabited it. You will love it or hate it there isn’t much middle ground but it is for you to find out.

Verdict 5 out of 5


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