Lakeside Haul

It was pay-day last friday, so that meant SHOPPING !!!! So I went to Lakeside which is the closest shopping center to me. I have probably mentioned it before but I am in desperate need of jeans and I have finally ordered a pair from George at ASDA. That being said I needed some winter essentials and to treat myself before buying all the christmas and birthday presents. IMG_2348


I love these super cosy tights they are warm, thick and comfortable, they are £3.50 and usually last the years. These cosy socks are the best things to wear around the house.


I bought this t-shirt from Forever 21 for £3.00 and Jumper from Primark for £12.00. This jumper is so cosy and baggy perfect for coffee dates and day-to-day wear.



Aren’t these shoes the cutest. They will look great with jeans and dresses and tights. I am so excited to wear them I just need an excuse.

I love Forever 21 jewellery I am a big fan of their chunky necklaces, this time however I decided to get a thin one to wear during the day with t-shirts and dresses. I got these handcuff ones I like the novelty. I also go cute little fox earrings, I thought they were very autumnal.




Deeper, darker lipsticks are in at the moment and I wear a lot of red and wanted a bit of a change, I like having options. I have wanted a plum colour for a while and am always a fan of Topshop make up products I decided to give this one a go. This shade is Suspect, I will review the product at a later date. IMG_2352

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