Autumn/Winter Essential Outfit Wish List …

Autumn Essential Wish List ...
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When it comes to Autumn/Winter I have a golden rule LAYERS !!! I know it seems kind of obvious but I have friends who complain they are cold and only wearing a t-shirt under their coat. The good thing about layering up is you ca take them off if you get two hot. I layer t-shirts or  jumpers under plaid or denim shirts and then a leather jacket or winter blazer style coat. Thick socks are a must for boots, especially as I find boots can come up a little big so chunky socks will keep my feet warm and pad out my shoes. Finally SCARVES are the best thing for keeping you warm, you’ll be surprised how much warmer you are when your neck is all wrapped up. However if I am going out I will throw on some nice jewellery and my watch, (I have one from Marc Jacobs) to give my outfit a bit of bling and wear heeled boots instead of flat boots or trainers.

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