Designed for Perfection by Elle Davis Book Review …

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Blurb:  Having a genius level IQ, model good looks, and supernatural physical traits, almost guarantees seventeen year old Ronan Callahan a life of success. He is a genetically engineered human, custom designed by scientists and his wealthy parents, who paid a hefty price for his perfect designer qualities. But, being a Designer Baby doesn’t guarantee happiness for Ronan. In fact, his superior traits leave him bored, unchallenged and a social misfit. 
Cat McCullough, is orphaned, raising her little sister Claire, and struggling to survive. The last thing she’s looking for is romance. In a high school full of girls swooning over Ronan Callahan, she’s the only one who rejects his arrogant, cold, and indifferent behaviour towards others. And yet, she’s the only girl to ever capture his attention for more than a minute. When Ronan falls for Cat, he falls hard. For the first time ever, he looks forward to the traditional high school experience that now includes a budding romance. But when his life is threatened by a deadly virus, he is forced to abandon the simplicity of tradition and unite with five other Designer’s, whom he shares a secret Designer trait so powerful, that it has the potential to influence world events. 

I was kindly gifted this a copy of this novel by the lovely author Elle Davis, who asked me to review it on Good Reads. I will fully admit that I only had it on my to-read list because I entered a good reads giveaway. When Elle messaged me asking me to review it I said yes naturally, but I was a little dubious if I would actually like this book. Let me tell you I was sooo wrong. I loved it. Designed for Perfection is the first book in The Designer Chronicles.

I am a massive fan of anything slightly supernatural or dystopian most of the books I read are along those lines and the idea of genetic modification was really intriguing to me which is probably why I looked at the book in the first place. I like the plot line it is pretty fast moving but at the same time makes sure all the important details are described properly. It is also very simple descriptions unlike The Mortal Instruments which uses a lot of metaphors and fancy explanations.

I also liked the characters because they weren’t made to be overly mature, yes slightly more mature than your average sixteen year old but all the typical challenges a teenager faces are there. Ronan is the main male protagonist and Cat is the main female character, I think they work well together and their romance is a sweet contrast to the more sinister plot line. I like the whole love at first sight/soulmate idea but the pessimist in me thinks its a little unrealistic (I don’t know if thats the right word).  There are some typos and dissonant plot points but its not glaringly obvious unless you are looking for them or thinking about it.

It is not the best written book I have read but I definitely enjoyed the novel and am looking forward to the next book in the series and can’t wait to see what happens to the characters.


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