Christmas Decorations …

As it is the 1st of December today, it is the day most people put up their decorations I thought I would do a decoration themed post. I like a classic/natural looking tree not thes crazy white trees with purple and orange decorations (if you like that go right ahead its your tree) but at mine we have a green tree with red and gold. I like silver, gold and red as the main colours over christmas as you can see by these decorations. I think quirky little pieces will really set your tree off and not over power it.
Christmas Decorations
Number 1 is from Selfridges, it may be £10 but if you look after your decorations they will last for years we’ve had our tree fairy for 22 years she may fall to the side a little but she is still intact  (I’m 21). Things like the cinnamon sticks you can make them yourself and make a good few for the same price, same with the crochet snowflakes its something you can make yourself if you can crochet.
Just …


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