Decorating My Bedroom …


As it is Christmas and I am feeling the Christmas Spirit this year I decided to decorate my bedroom a little bit. I didn’t really want to get a tree but I was watching random YouTube videos and Zoella had the genius idea to use twigs and branches. So I popped off to town to see what I could pick up.


This is what I collected, a set of branch lights from Primark (these are the smaller ones for £3 they do larger ones for £8 as well), and a string of plain fairy lights for £1.50, a pack of 25 mini baubles and 8m of beads  from Poundland  and these adorable little mitten clips from Asda which were also a £1.


You may know that I have fake flowers in this vase most of the year, so I decided to take them out and stick the branches in the vase with sand in the bottom.



I then added all my decorations, I obviously didnt use 8m of beads on this but I cut them up and used a small section on the branches, put some over my shelf and some on my curtain pole.




I didn’t put all the mittens on the branches I used them to decorate my  garland and make it more christmasy.


I added the lights over my shelf with some of the beading.


I had this cute little heart made for me by a friend’s little sister and it sits there all year round but I got given it last Christmas and you can see the beads just underneath as well


This is the final product with the lights on, I also nabbed some tinsel from my mum to but over my mirror.

As you can see I stuck with  a wood, red and gold theme to my decorating, and I didn’t spend all that much the all in all I spend £7.50 doing up my room and these items will last for a good few years and the fairy lights I will have up probably all year round. This didn’t take long and if you don’t have a lot of room this is a great and modern way to add a touch of Christmas Spirit into your bedroom or living room. Get a large vase fill it with fake snow (also available at Poundland) get the large branches and decorate according to your colour theme. I think if you are not going to spend the holidays at your home maybe your parents instead this is also an alternative for you.



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