The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for all to Hear…

Christmas isn’t complete without a good old sing along, everyone has their favourite Christmas song. If you don’t like Christmas music then Bah Humbug. I love Christmas music without a doubt I know all the words to Last Christmas by Wham! and I sing along in shops or at work. It just gets you in a good mood and warm and fuzzy especially romantic ones like Baby it’s Cold Outside (one of my favourites).

This song by Mindy Gledhill, is beautiful. It so relaxing and romantic, (if thats the vibe you are going for). Her whole album is beautiful and so is her voice. It’s very classic and simple, and easy to listen to.

If you have having a party or just want to listen to Christmas songs in then I would totally recommend a playlist on the internet. Christmas CD’s have all the popular tracks sure but if you want a good mix and don’t want to have to skip an unwanted track playlists are the best thing ever. I used Groove Shark to create mine for you, but YouTube works just as well if you can stand the adverts, or Spotify if you use that programme. What I loved about using Groove Shark was that I discovered some amazing new songs like She & Him’s version of Blue Christmas, and you can explore for ages.

Check out some of my favourite Christmas Tunes here …

And as a little Christmas treat a clip from The Muppets Christmas Spectacular, (how hot does Gordon Joseph Levitt look in this)

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