Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier Book Review …

ruby red

Blurb: Sixteen-year-old Gwen lives with her extended  – and rather eccentric – family in an exclusive London neighbourhood. In spite of her ancestors’ peculiar history, she’s had a relatively normal life so far. The time-travelling gene that runs like a secret thread through the female half of her family is supposed to have skipped over Gwen, so she hasn’t been introduced to “the mysteries” and can spend her time hanging out with her best friend Lesley, watching movies and talking about boys. it comes as an unwelcome surprise then when she starts taking sudden, uncontrolled leaps into the past. She’s totally unprepared for time travel, not to mention all that comes with it” fancy clothes, archaic manners, a mysterious secret society, and Gideon, her time travelling counter-part. He’s obnoxious, a know-it-all, and possibly the best-looking guy she’s seen in a century… 

The first time I heard about this book was actually via the movie “Rubinrot” (the german adaptation of the movie) as the book is originally in German. I watched the movie with English overdubbing obviously as I don’t understand a word of german apart for Gutentag (I don’t think that will really help me) and I LOVE IT (I am definitely getting the DVD when it is released) . I saw it was also a book on BookTube and decided if it was half as good as the film I would like it. So I picked up a copy, I got mine from The Book Depositary in Hardcover because it is so much prettier than the paperback.

I like the storyline it is very different to any Young Adult fantasy books I have been reading at the moment. The idea of time traveller’s isn’t something I have really seen at all. The plot is fast paced and doesn’t lull, I wouldn’t recommend watching the film first if you’re think about it. This is the first book of the trilogy so there is obviously a world that needs to be set up, however that being said it doesn’t mean that the action pales in comparison because that it simply not the case. There is an arc that is being spread over the trilogy and the book leaves off in place for the next one to start which makes me grateful that the whole trilogy is written although I have yet to get a hold of them because my brother suggested them as a Christmas present.

I like the characters in the book, however my only peeve with the book is how immature Gwen starts out as, she is 16/17 (I can’t remember of the top of my head) and it seems like she has the capacity of a 12 year old sometimes whining like  child, that being said her character grows at the end of the novel when she kind of grows a backbone. Gideon amuses me and he had a well rounded character development he is a bit of a snob but somewhen likeable, I am hoping he will grow as a character is the following books. I also can’t wait to find out more about Lucy and Paul and their involvement in the story line.

Overall the only thing I didn’t enjoy was how childish Gwen seemed to be at the beginning of the novel. That being said everything else I loved about the novel it is engaging and well written/translated, this isn’t really all that obvious and if you didn’t know it was German originally I don’t think you would notice.

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