Decorating Your Table For Christmas …

Decorating Your Table For Christmas

You may not be thinking about decorating your table this Christmas maybe you going to your parents or grandparents for Christmas Dinner (like me) and think it isn’t worth your time.  I beg to differ especially if you are hosting it can just seem like an extra pressure. I think it’s nice a nice touch personally even if you have a tiny table in your flat (like I used to) if you have an open plan flat then having the table decorated is another easy way to get the festive cheer, especially if you don’t have the room for a huge tree.. I would love a big heavy wooden farm table to decorate later on in life, but here are some easy ideas to make the most of a table. I love a good centre piece and they may seem daunting but a trifle bowl (1)  filled with fairy lights, the ones with the battery pack you can get them from Primark for £1.50 and baubles or a glass plate/ platter (8 and 9)  with pillar candles (10) will look festive and simple to sort out and you can use them all year round if you want to and just move it off the table when you serve dinner. I love these assortment of table mats, coasters and napkin rings, I don’t think they are so christmasy that they can not be used all year round. These felt ones are more decretive than anything else but look so pretty. The glasses and plates are a novelty clear glasses and white plates will work just as well, but they  are great and in festive colours and glitter, if you are going all out then why not and like I said you can use them all year round.

Source: Sparkles and Stretchmarks

I think the moral of decorating your table for the Festive period is thinking about whether you can re use what you are buying the rest of the year or if you will use it year after year. The think the decorative plates/bowls can be used again and again for different things so if you want to wow your guests then invest in it.


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