Top 5 Christmas Films …

1. Love Actually, This is the pinnacle of all ensemble cast films, its unbeatable and I would know I have watched, Valentines Day, New Years Eve etc. I love the honesty of the film and the different love and relationships are developed and explored in the film even if they ending isn’t perfect.


2. Elf

I have only just seen this film, much to the chagrin of many of my friends, however I was not disappointed, this film is funny and  feel good and perfect to watch with the family, the kids or your friends.


3. Miracle of 34th Street,

I love the little girl (the one that plays Madeline), she is so cute and its a sweet classic kind of film. It really make me all warm and fuzzy inside.


4. The Holiday

Another romantic comedy, I think its nice to see the comparison of the holidays in England and America. It’s a feel good falling in love film and I really like the old guy that lives next door to Amanda.


5.Home Alone

Don’t really need to explain this one do I ???


I watch loads of movies over the holiday period, I love the Christmas movie channels on TV, you can get some really good films on there, The Christmas Card is one I would recommend. You don’t always have to watch Christmas movies, watch your favourite films, romantic films and ones you love, I usually go for classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or something funny like The Family Stone.



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