Christmas Nails …

Nails 1

I love a bit of glitter on my nails for a special occasion and Christmas is a perfect time for that, the combination of a pale colour like white or a pale pink or pale blue with a silver glitter is pretty and christmasy. I am using sinful colours which come up at £1.99 in boots and my Barry  M topcoat.

nai;s xmas2

If you don’t have the time, money or steady hand to do anything particularly intricate like nail art a bit of glitter is always a sure fire way to add a bit of sparkly to your winter manicure. I am usually a fan of dark colours on my nails but I am quite taken with this look reminds me of snowflakes.

xmas nails3

I did try and pair the tips in glitter but I didn’t do very well so I painted the whole nail with the glitter, its very runny but gloopy at the same time (its a weird one), I will try again next week before Christmas on one of my days off.

Xmas Nails

Here are some pretty nail art ideas if you are artisically inclined …

Source: Nails by Laura

Source: Nails by Laura




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