Tinsel, Mistletoe and Christmas Cheer

I am embracing the festive season this year as I am no longer stressed out by January exams. I can’t believe how quickly it has all come around, I am very proud of myself that I got all of my shopping ordered/bought by the end of November (except 1 thing which I can only buy a couple of days before Christmas) and I am on top of all my wrapping. I do know some write Grinch’s around this kind of year (my dad) and I think that this is unaccpetable as I am in such a good mood. So how do you get into the christmas mood do I hear you ask well …

Source: Mara on weheartit.com

1. Chrismtas Jumper … invest in a Christmas jumper whether it is a oxbnoxious novelty one that looks like Christmas vomited all over your top or a more classy one that is more sedate you can never feel humbug in a christmasy jumper. You don’t have to spend the earth either Primark and George at ASDA have been selling them for around £12 and Boohoo sell them for around £15.

2. Baking … nothing is more Christmasy than the smell of baked goods, cookies, gingerbread or mince pies. I love the scent of mulled cider or wine going flowing through the house.

3. Films and TV Specials … This time of year there are no shortage of seasonal shows to watch, and films to see. The best night in is turning all the lights bar the christmas lights off, turning on the fire, wrapping yoursefl in a blanket with chocolate and popcorn and watch lots of Christmas films.

4. Family … Christmas has become so commercial and a lot of the stress is from having to buy all the presents and prepare the turkey, we forget it is a time to spend with the family.

5. Singing … As it is stated in the Elf Code “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”. I am one of those people that likes listening to Christmas songs, not all the time mind you but we do blast them out at work so I tend to listen to something else at home unless I am doing a Christmasy task like wrapping or baking them I’ll put on my Christmas Playlist (X).

Source: Seasonal-love.tumblr.com




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